Dauphin Containers provides mini roll-off dumpster rentals within approximately 50 miles of Mobile, AL.  Our service area includes Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Dauphin Containers: Daphne, Alabama

When you are looking for a dumpster rental in Daphne, Alabama, Dauphin Containers offers prompt and affordable roll off dumpsters for contractors, homeowners, and businesses. Learn more about what sets us apart and how Dauphin Containers can quickly deliver a dumpster to your location so that you can get to work immediately.


“You’re the only company who offers 10 cubic yard roll-off dumpsters and places them on boards, so they won’t leave marks on the driveway. We like that and the customers like it, too.”

Manolis Angelidakis, Eight Mille, AL

"Very prompt service. Plywood put down by the driver to make sure the container did not damage my driveway. Company offers 10 and 15 yard containers. Highly recommended!”

Matt O’Rourke, Mobile, AL


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10 Cubic Yard Dumpsters in Mobile

$324 / 7 Day Rental

  • ~ 8′ wide, 4′ tall, and 12′ long.
  • Holds equivalent to 4 pickup truck loads
  • 7,000 lbs. Load Capacity
  • Includes Delivery and Pickup within Service Area
  • Easy Access Gate
  • Designed to fit in small spaces

15 Cubic Yard Dumpsters in Mobile

$344 / 7 Day Rental

  • ~ 8’ wide x 5’ height x 14’ long
  • Holds equivalent to 6 pickup truck loads
  • 7,000 lbs. Load Capacity
  • Includes Delivery and Pickup within Service Area
  • Easy Access Gate
  • Designed to fit in medium spaces

20 Cubic Yard Dumpsters in Mobile

$384 / 7 Day Rental

  • ~ 8′ wide, 6′ tall, and 14′ long
  • Holds equivalent to 8 pickup truck loads
  • 7,000 lbs. Load Capacity
  • Includes Delivery and Pickup within Service Area
  • Easy Access Gate
  • Not Too Large For Your Driveway

All Prices are for Residential Customers Only. Prices are for 25 mile service area from our location.. Additional charges may apply for deliveries that are outside of our normal service area.

Dumpster Rentals In The Daphne Area When You Need It

While we are located in Mobile, we offer our mini roll-off dumpster rentals to most of Mobile County and the Eastern Shore. Our service area is within an approximate 50 mile area of Mobile, AL. Regardless of your location, when you request a dumpster rental, Dauphin Containers will promptly deliver your dumpster, usually by the next day, to the exact site where you want it. Whether your job is in in town or the outlying residential areas, give us a call today at (251) 533-7391 to request a rental dumpster delivery.

Manageable Sized Dumpsters

We specialize in mini roll-off dumpster rentals because they are suitable for a variety of different needs for small to medium sized jobs. Our dumpsters are quite manageable to deliver and situate exactly where you want them. At about the same size as a minivan, this sized dumpster fits perfectly in a driveway. Our mini roll-off dumpsters are the perfect size for homeowners to use during all types of cleanup and renovation jobs. Professional contractors find this size suitable for kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Save Time With Roll-Off Dumpsters

Are you tired of lugging debris back and forth to the dump? If so, it may be worth looking into a dumpster rental in Daphne from Dauphin Containers. We serve a large number of homeowners and contractors in the Daphne area and will be happy to add you as a new satisfied client. Our mini roll-off dumpsters are perfect for a variety of home improvement projects including:

  • Debris Removal
  • Bath Demolition
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Roof Replacement
  • Garage Cleanup
  • Landscaping Projects
  • The list goes on and on….

Dauphin Containers’ Focus on the Environment

At Dauphin Containers we are focused on doing our best to protect the environment. This means that rather than taking all of the trash that we remove from your property straight to the dump, we do our best to recycle your waste at certain designated landfills around the area if at all possible. In addition, we cover all of our loads to ensure that we’re not scattering waste along the way as we transport your dumpster container from your property to a reputable landfill in the Baldwin Country.

3 Sizes of Roll-Off Dumpsters

Not sure which sized roll off dumpster you need? Give our office a call Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and we’ll do our best to suggest the size that will work best based on your needs. We currently offer three different sized mini roll-off dumpsters including a 10 yard dumpster, 15 yard dumpster or a 20 yard dumpster.

While all of our dumpsters offer plenty of room for most renovation and junk removal projects, the footprints of our units are small enough that they’ll easily fit on your driveway, or elsewhere on your property. Every time we deliver a unit to a client, we place our roll-off containers on wooden boards so that no damage is done to your driveway or property. 

Best Company For Daphne, AL Roll-Off Dumpsters

If you are looking for rental dumpsters in the Daphne area and Eastern Shore, call Dauphin Containers today at (251) 533-7391 to request your dumpster, or to learn more about how our roll-off dumpster rentals can best work for your next project.